James Fjeldahl, Contributing Writer

A ticking time bomb.

The thought that it could blow any second…

It shivers my body…

tightens my muscles…

chatters my teeth.

True Power lies just beneath your nose.

The power to act on, destroy, and hide behind.

Ticking over and over and over again.

“Beep” “Beep” “Beep”.

“Mom just texted”

“Stacy just posted on Instagram”

“A New BeReal, post now!”

Or is it just all fake.

A text, a post, a snapchat can be one quick send away from ruining someone’s life.

A ticking time bomb waiting to explode, like a lion waiting to jump out at its prey.

Hate speech, arguing, bullying, a useless text message to a friend saying how much you hate them, that you are done being friends with them, but it is just because they texted the person you liked.

All things that can be done by one simple click of a button.

All things that can set someone so far back that they don’t feel needed anymore, they don’t feel accepted for who they truly are.

The bomb ticks faster, and louder.

Your mind only focused on the sound getting louder and louder and louder.

Like someone screaming in your ear.


Putting on a smile for someone who probably wouldn’t even bat an eye at you or ask “How are you?” “What is going on in your life?”

A Mask.

A Filter.

An Act.

Is it truly BeReal? Because I think that’s all BS.

Something so small can ruin someone’s life, Someone’s family, Someone’s Friendship.

A ticking time bomb waiting to explode, like a dam slowly cracking, until one day it gives way.

“Tick”, “Tick”, “Tick”, BOOM!