Sharing cart reduces waste and helps others


Cora Coleman, Writer

During lunchtime, students may see a cart with various food items in it, but what is its purpose?

The Sharing Cart is one of the projects run by the New Prague High School’s Green Team. Students can place uneaten whole fruit (with a peel), pre-packaged food, or unopened beverages on the cart, and other students are free to take what they like at no additional charge. Whatever fruit doesn’t get taken from the cart during lunch is wheeled to the FACS department where they may take unused fruit and other items for their classes. Finally, the cart gets brought over to the counseling office, and staff and students can help themselves to the food cart. Whatever is still remaining on the cart by the end of the day gets delivered to the New Prague Peace Center by student volunteers for others who want to take the fresh food items. 

The intention of the Sharing Chart is to reduce waste in the school and to give fresh food to individuals who want it. As Karla Schultz, the advisor of the Green Team, puts it, “To me, it’s like paying it forward – if we could just take a little bit and pay it forward to people who might need it and appreciate it, why wouldn’t we do that?” 

This year’s Sharing Cart will be discussed at the October 5th Green Team meeting at 2:40 pm. Any students who can drive and might be interested in operating the Sharing Cart should attend the meeting for further details and directions.