Teachers run for fun


Baylee Mushitz, Writer

Running. An activity the vast majority of students at NPHS dread, but not all the teachers do. A group of high school teachers spend time running after school.  This club started before the Covid-19 pandemic began and has continued to grow over the years. 

An obvious purpose of the NPHS teacher running club is to help the teachers stay active. You’ll see them running one of their routes once or twice a week, averaging about two miles each run. Some teachers use it as their daily exercise, while others use it as support in their training. 

Another benefit to this club is the opportunity to connect with fellow colleagues. Many members appreciate the time spent with other teachers outside of their department. Language Arts Teacher Matt Stensrud, a member of the club, values it as a time to refrain from talking about school and to decompress.   

There are so many great benefits to this running club; many members love being active and connecting with other teachers. Spanish Teacher Julie Meier, another member, states she not only loves to be active but also loves the feeling of community that is produced by the club. Talking and running with people she doesn’t see every day gives her something to look forward to during the week. 

Running has been very beneficial for many teachers, resulting in many participants in the club, but they are always looking for more.  The door is always open for teachers interested in the club.