NPHS welcomes six international students


Two of the six international students are part of the cheer team at New Prague High School.

Naomi Musta, Writer

Student life is undoubtedly an important part of any high school student’s career. It includes making new friends, learning new concepts, and developing one’s interests. Additionally, student life entails supporting team sports and joining activities. All aspects encompass what truly makes the “high school experience.” Is this the same scenario for schools worldwide? Do students across the globe experience the similar craze of American high schools? With the support of international student programs, students worldwide are given the opportunity to study in the United States. 

NPHS is fortunate to share the high school experience with this year’s six international students. Students have traveled from as close as Mexico and as far as Germany. All of the students were asked, “What is it like to be an International Student at NPHS?”

Marisa Doddo from Gemany

Marisa Doddo is a German exchange student in tenth grade. Marisa emphasizes the kindness of individuals, students, and teachers of NPHS. She came to the United States because of her interest in the largely popular and populous nation. Marisa’s favorite part about school in the United States is the classes. She states that “learning methods are different” in the United States compared to Germany. A few things she misses from home are friends, family, and German Bread. Overall she enjoys the opportunity to study in the United States. 

Sophia Charvat from Spain

Sophia Charvat is an eleventh-grade Spanish student who is also involved in Cheerleading at NPHS. Sophie chose to come to America because of her interest in American life. She and a friend decided to embark on this adventure together. Sophia enjoys the difference in learning from her home country. In Spain, there is one teacher for all subjects, differing from America, with multiple teachers for each subject. Sophie also loves the variety of classes here at NPHS.

Laura Garcia from Spain

Laura Garcia is a tenth grader who, like Sophia, is from Spain. Being an International Student here at NPHS for Laura involves being a part of the Cheerleading team. Laura chose to come to the United States to learn the language and culture as well as meet new people. Laura’s favorite part about school in the United States is sporting events, such as homecoming. 

Guilherme Pereira from Brazil

Guilherme Pereira is an eleventh-grade student from Brazil. Guil loves school and everything there is to offer here. Guil’s favorite part of going to school in the United States has been getting to know different cultures and new people. Guil finds school interesting given that in Brazil they do not get to choose their classes; they are predetermined for them. Guil misses his family in Brazil, but nonetheless, he loves school in the United States. 

Diego Almaguer from Mexico

Diego Almaguer is a student from Mexico. Being an international student at NPHS for Diego involves playing soccer and meeting new people. Diego states that being an international student is fun because you get to meet new people, learn the language, and learn new things. Diego says that if you want to be an international student you should go for it. You won’t regret it. 

Ginevta Botta from Italy

Ginevra Botta is a twelfth-grade Italian Student, and a member of the NPHS swim and dive team. Ginevra came to the United States to study because of its many opportunities and people. Ginevra’s favorite parts of the school in the United States include spirit week, homecoming, and sports in general. Ginevra says her day at NPHS is much different than in Italy where they choose a school to attend versus classes. Overall, she loves going to school in the United States. 

All of these students alike have reported nothing but adventure attending NPHS. Life for international students is like life for any; however, international students also get to experience new cultures and build new relationships apart from their home country. NPHS is beyond fortunate to support International programs and plans to continue doing so.