Halloween party safety tips


Naomi Musta, Writer

Halloween: the one time of year when wearing a costume doesn’t result in public slander or judgment. Teens love to indulge in many fun events around this ominous yet ecstatic time, including Halloween hangouts, movies, and celebrations. Everyone yearns for updates on that upcoming party, wondering “what are we going to wear? Ugh, I hope I don’t match with someone! Who is bringing what food?” These are all questions we hear leading up to the spooky bash, sometimes heard even in school. 

Insane right? Students have lives outside school. However, despite the severity, possible dangers within that simple Halloween party are rarely discussed. There are ways to stay safe at that party, with your friends, or out at Halloween. 

No one wants to consider something bad may happen and for a fair reason. Halloween is for dressing up, scaring yourself out of your mind, and enjoying the night with friends; however, that does not mean you should ignore the possible dangers, but rather you should learn to stay safe, prevent them, and report when they occur.

 Jacob Niesen, a New Prague High School student, shared advice about staying safe when Halloween comes. “Make sure to surround yourself with safe people, make good choices, and ensure yourself a safe ride home.”

 It is absolutely essential that if you are planning to attend a party or hang with a large group, you remember these safety tips.

  1. Have a friend you can contact if you feel unsafe.
  2. Arrange safe rides home from any event prior.
  3. Cover your drinks. Keep them out of the reach of others and do not leave them unattended. If you see someone put anything in anyone’s drink, report it and throw away the drink immediately.

Apart from the necessary precautions, enjoy Halloween, take advantage of dressing up, and put on your favorite scary movie.