Scary movies are a hit during Halloween season

Baylee Mushitz, Writer

With Halloween right around the corner, scary movies are in high demand. Smile and Halloween Ends are two popular movies released in the past few months just in time to get in the spooky season of Halloween. 

A small group of juniors at New Prague High School shared similar opinions and a few differences on scary movies. The majority of the group rated scary movies high with either four or five stars.  However, a few students who are not fans of scary movies rated them a zero and enjoyed no part of them.

 The majority of this group of Juniors loves the loud pounding and drop of their hearts when the unexpected occurs. The feeling of suspense is a fan favorite, with the comfort of a blanket and favorite snack of course. The group admitted they only watch about 85% of the movie; the other 15% of the movie is spent hidden under a blanket. Due to the amount of time they spend watching the movie, they all agreed thrillers are better than horror movies. 

 Most stated the movie theater is their favorite place to watch these heart-racing movies because the screams and shrieks of fellow viewers cause contagious laughter which makes the movie a much more enjoyable experience.