Secret Lives of Teachers, Counselor Angie Erickson shares her music


Ava Barsness, Writer

Many students at New Prague High School know Ms. Angie Erickson as one of our school’s four guidance counselors. However, apart from her role as a leader to many students, she has devoted hours of time to a less-discovered cause. 

Over the past two years, Ms. Erickson has created and developed a non-profit ministry through music. She composes original piano pieces inspired by her inner-faith life and brings Christian hymns to life by intertwining her creativity and talent. Her lovely music is displayed on her website along with videos and essays accompanying each piece.

Ms. Erickson has been classically trained in piano from age five through her college years, and she now uses her talents to touch the lives of others. With a supportive prayer team and a trusted web designer behind her, she worked to build an elegant and well-organized website. There are fifteen recordings with heartfelt essays that tell the stories behind her music. Ms. Erickson shares the music as a form of invitation, hoping that if an audience enjoys listening, they may be drawn to read the essays and end up investigating and spreading their own faith. 

In the ‘About’ section of her website, she explains the purpose of including essays with the compositions. “It’s much easier to stay in my thoughts and feelings without trying to put things into words, to just stay in my head and in the music. These essays are a natural compilation of this inner faith life – an outside expression of the inside, which I have frequently wished to convey. To finally develop and share here, through the written word, is a great relief and deep joy.” 

In her essay “Young Faith” she explains how she is able to connect with youth and explains her work as a school counselor. “Ethically, as a school counselor in a public school setting, I refrain from outwardly sharing the spiritual source of my hope, and I am opposed to those who would manipulatively use a similar position to slip in such subtle tactics. But I am able to share unconditional positive regard (i.e. love) along with all of the fruits of the Spirit to provide reassurance and modeling during difficult times.” 

On the website, there is also a section with non-profit organizations listed. The purpose of this section is to provide the audience with resources to share kindness and blessings with others if they feel so moved.

This project took two years to develop, but it was on her heart for fifteen. Although she is not currently working on anything, additions to her wonderful collection may come in the future. These songs and essays reflect a meaningful expression of ministry and faith and are definitely worth exploring.