Fab Club pops up for self-expression and community support


Naomi Musta, Writer

Fundraising, recycling, and fashion. You’d never think to hear those three words in the same sentence. Well, New Prague High School Fab Club has not only fused these words together but brought them to life for the student body and surrounding community. New Prague High School’s Fab Club. Fab Club is an all-inclusive group supporting “Self-expression through fashion”.  Fab Club is run by Mandi Becher assisted by Whitney White and advised by Family and Consumer Science Teacher Rachelle Balfe. Mandi says that her goal is to have people, “feel accepted and included while accepting themselves fully.” 

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Fab Club encompasses acceptance and creativity by encouraging individuality. This club not only generates an environment supporting those with various styles and personalities but an environment supporting communities and the people within them. 

One of the many ways Fab Club promotes this self-expression and community support is through Fab’s monthly Pop Up shops. At these Pop-Up Thrift Shops, recycled, used, and discarded clothing and accessories are donated to Fab. Once these pieces are donated, they are then placed out on racks and tables to be browsed by the NPHS student body. Not only do the Pop Up Shops promote shopping secondhand, but exploring the varying styles brought in to be purchased. Alongside the promotion of self-expression and eco-friendly shopping, a portion of the money raised through Fab Club Pop Up shops go to various organizations.

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This month, Fab Club teamed up with Bridge to honor Native Heritage Month. Fab Club and Bridge value the recognition of groups often disregarded within society. Fab Club Pop-Up shops are fabricating the most welcoming, inclusive, eco-friendly, and community-supporting environment NPHS has seen. The ability to freely express your fashion tastes? You got it. An all-inclusive community, with Fab Club and these Pop Up Shops? You got it. Money going to just causes? You got it! So mark your calendars and consider coming to the next Fab Club Pop-Up Shop.  They happen once a month in the cafeteria during late start Wednesdays.