By Mikkal Hvidsten

Theater in New Prague isn’t a huge program, but it is larger than most people think. Most people just know about the musical, with lots of people in the community and the school coming to see it for the two weeks in November. But what most people don’t know is that New Prague actually offers theater classes every year in the first semester. Directing is a class offered every other year that gives students the opportunity to learn how to construct a scene on the stage. Students also get a chance to act and work with their peers to make an assigned scene come to life. This class is taught by Ben Thietje, the director of the plays and musicals not only at New Prague but at the community theater Daleko Arts. It’s a great opportunity not only to learn a lot about theater but to find a community and break out of one’s shell. Most people coming into the class come out with more friends and more confidence, and those are both things that are going to help you in everyday life.