Trojan Times Treasure Hunt: In search of a pot of gold

Mikkal Hvidsten, Editor

Congratulations to Junior Jenna Hlavac who discovered the pot of gold first!

The treasure hunt is now over.

Have you ever desired to follow a rainbow all the way to the end? To happen upon a pot of gold awaiting you? Well, to that I say you are quite in luck, my greedy little Trojans! This year, beginning on Tuesday, March 14, Trojan Times is doing a Treasure Hunt in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, but there is a twist! The Treasure Hunt will take place inside the Trojan Times site, and you have to go through the stories published this month to find the prize at the end of this reading rainbow. 

Here is how it works: Each of these clues will lead you to a different story. In that story, there will be a letter highlighted in green that, when put together with all the other letters in the right order, will spell out the name of the teacher who is holding the prized possession. The first person to approach this teacher wins the “Pot of Gold.” 

Here are the clues:

  1. Trojans have made great strides in plenty, but one that goes unnoticed is New Prague’s melody.
  2. On the mat and in the gym, this feature story tells the path of a senior with big plans ahead of him.
  3. A culmination of different views, New Prague has started a celebration that, to other cultures, rings true.
  4.  An adventure with lots of laughs and cahoots, this friend of Shrek has his own movie and a pair of boots.
  5. Lots of people drive on roads, but this group has opted for the more exciting terrain of snow.
  6. A talented group with lots on their plate, this group of girls has recently won state!

After following these clues into their respective stories, you will have to unscramble the letters to find the teacher’s name. Upon completion of the search, *THE FIRST STUDENT TO DISCOVER THE LOCATION OF the pot of gold should visit the named teacher to receive their “Pot of Gold,” a $20 gift card to Kwik Trip, and a special feature story about you, or a person of your choosing. The teacher will also have “Pots of Gold” for the next 11 students who solve the riddles, but the Kwik Trip gift card is only for the first student.

Good luck Trojans, and have fun on the quest to your riches!

*Trojan Times staff members are not eligible to win.