Seniors get new privileges


Elyse Thoreson

Senior Carly Berglund regularly welcomes her friends to her house for lunch during their senior privileges.

Ayush Kapali, Writer

Most underclassmen don’t know much about the senior privilege program because it’s a new thing. Seniors can leave the campus during a study hall as well as go off campus to eat lunch during their lunch period. This comes at a cost though; seniors must first meet several requirements before they have access to these privileges. They must have at least a 2.0 GPA, a minimum of 36 credits at the start of the year, end first semester with at least 40 credits, have less than 7 absences (excused and unexcused) per semester, and positive conduct (like no suspensions, detentions, etc.). Seniors participating filled out application forms and had their parents turn in that form to the office during the first week of school. 

Seniors cannot leave the campus with underclassmen; however, they are free to leave with other seniors who qualified for the program (if they share a study hall or lunch period). As the name implies, these freedoms are a privilege to have and will be removed if expectations are not met.

When asked what she does with her newfound privileges, Mady Hansen said, “I use senior privileges during my 7th-hour study hall, in which case, I leave school so then I can do homework in a non-distracting place or run necessary errands.” 

Drew Dietrich, who is also a senior replied, “I don’t know. I kinda just do what I want.” 

Senior privileges gives seniors more freedom and responsibility as they get ready for college and their future outside of high school.