Trojan Times

Inspiration in chalk

By Lauren Moravcik

As students, during the time of this virus, we are connected to each other by something that most of us surely miss: our relationships with our friends, our teachers, and our coaches at school. One thing we also all have in common is the classes that we are required to take over the course of our education. And we all have classes that we like better than others, oftentimes based on our individual interests. These classes can impact us by setting a direction for us after high school ends. We are all inspired differently and eventually set off in different directions.

Using driveway chalk, my sister Lily and I drew an image about most of the classes we have had while at New Prague High School. We also chose one class or a series of classes that have inspired us to optimistically set a course for a future career.  I chose Business Law. My junior year I was taught by Ms. Melissa Schroeder. She was magnificent. Her classroom presentations and classwork pushed me to my limits. She has inspired me to set my sights on a Law Degree. Lily chose the sciences because she wants to pursue Med School.