Football wrap up 2019


Rachel Harmon

Senior Football Players

Grace Knutson, Writer

In with the cold, and out with the New Prague High School’s 2019 football season. The overall season record was 4-5. The season record was 4-4 going into the playoffs, then the team lost and ended up going 4-5. It is easy for the team, fans, and students to say that this season has lit a fire for New Prague football. 

Jay Skogerboe is a senior on the varsity football team and had a lot to say about this year’s season. Skogerboe said the team had lots of highlights this season winning more games this year than in past seasons. His highlight of this season was “having a game-winning drive against Rochester Century with a lot of amazing plays on the drive.” 

Besides winning more games, the team had many individual accomplishments as well: “We had many players make the New Prague top 10 football records.” 

Skogerboe mentioned that his favorite memories were having parties in the locker rooms after games and “winning against Byron in overtime with everyone just coming crazy after we won.” Skogerboe said, “It was just a fun time being around everyone this year.”

Another senior on the varsity football team, Mitchell Callahan, had input on this last season as well. Callahan said one of the team’s highlights was, “winning their first game on the road in overtime.” His favorite team memory was beating Rochester Century on Homecoming. 

Along with the team’s accomplishments, Callahan reported individual accomplishments. Parker Johnson threw 1,123 yards, Jay Skogerboe led the team in receiving yards with over 279 yards, and Callahan himself lead the team in rushing with over 279 yards.

The players are only part of the reason why the New Prague football team had an outstanding season. Kenzie Dropik is a junior and has been a football manager since her sophomore year. She works alongside the field with other managers to help with the team. Dropik shines a bright light on the coaches when she says, “The coaches are some of the most motivational people I know, and the team is so lucky to have such great people leading them.” 

These players are truly fortunate to have coaches who always push each and every player to do their best. She remarks on the beyond amazing season and is grateful for what she’s gained in the process: “The friendships and memories I made are ones that I will cherish forever.”

The New Prague High School 2019 football season will be unforgettable, and it is up to the players, coaches, managers, and fans to keep the fire burning next season.