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Rachel Harmon

Rachel Harmon, Advisor

Rachel Harmon was a member of the New Prague High School newspaper staff from 1988-1991 when the paper was called The Tatler.  (As part of the 1989 Tatler staff, she is pictured here in the Hard Rock Cafe sweatshirt.) Back then the staff still did real cutting and pasting of articles to fit them into the newspaper. There were no graphic design programs to create school papers.  It sure has come a long way since then. Mrs. Harmon is excited to launch the Trojan Times digitally in the fall of 2019.

Mrs. Harmon is a 1991 graduate of New Prague High School and has been teaching in the language arts department since 2010.  Her original bachelor of arts degree is in print journalism from the University of St. Thomas. From there she went on to work in communications for a private school in St. Paul where she got involved with the yearbook and student newspaper. She advised the yearbook staff there for a number of years before she went back to school to get her teaching license. While she enjoys teaching language arts classes, she really loves working with students on projects such as the newspaper and yearbook where she can see students pursue their interests outside of the classroom.

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