I miss my friends, my teachers, my school


Senior Lauren Moravchik

Lauren Moravchik, NPHS Senior

Note: Like many who attend New Prague High School, I have been completely immersed in school, athletics, clubs, and music, devoted to my education, since the first day of school freshman year.  The Trojan Times has invited students to share and connect with others, with personal and creative work, in a platform to promote student creativity, during this time we are all separated due to the virus. I would like to take advantage of this opportunity by writing a letter to show my continued commitment to my school. (Lauren also submitted some artwork she created with her sister Lily. Click here to check it out.)

I Miss My Friends, My Teachers, My School

It is near the end of my senior year, and on Friday, March 13th, 2020, I may have experienced my last day walking into the lobby of NPHS with all of those great banners that celebrate our athletics, music, and student scholars. I have felt a lot of pride walking through that lobby these past four years. All of us seniors may miss our prom and high school graduation because of this COVID-19 virus. And that is distressing. 

On that first day of school back in 2016, I knew that I would be starting some important years in my educational journey. After meeting our new teachers for the first time, I knew that I would be tested by rigorous coursework. I learned to love many of the subjects that I was taught, and a few of those classes have inspired me to take on a career path after high school and pursue my career dreams. After getting to know my teachers, many of them turned into not just teachers but role models, for how to treat my classmates properly, and for how to take on challenges in school, athletics, clubs, and music. I call some of those great role models friends now as I prepare to head off to college this fall.

At NPHS, I have made friends and developed relationships that will last a lifetime. I cherish those relationships with my classmates. Now, I may never get to experience one last Grand March, or “Senior Skip Day” at Cedar Lake, or throwing my assignment papers into the air when our final class bell rings. I may miss those last-day-of-school hugs from my closest friends and teachers. I may miss the honor of hearing my name called in May as a graduate, walking across the stage, shaking the hands of our administrators, and being handed the diploma that I have worked hard for. This seems unfair and it saddens me, but it is our reality. And I understand the importance of the physical distance policy until the pandemic is solved. 

I greatly miss being in a classroom right now. I miss starting my day by parking next to Mr. Decker in the teacher’s parking lot (oops) and walking into that lobby with my best friends each day to learn and be challenged and to laugh. I miss sneaking texts to my parents in 1st period. I miss walking through the halls, to greet and tease my fellow classmates and teachers. I miss the classroom learning in person from the teachers that I admire dearly. I miss the pride and school spirit that most of us have being a part of NPHS. I even miss those varying temperature changes within each classroom, too warm one minute and freezing cold the next. But I want to show my gratitude now to my friends, teachers and my school in case we do not have the opportunity to graduate together in May. Thank you New Prague High School for every great memory that I have experienced. 

It is my hope that sometime this summer we will all have the opportunity to celebrate graduation together, when it is safe to do so.

Sincerely, Lauren Moravcik