Seniors enjoy in-person prom


Rachel Harmon

This crew awaits their turn in the Grand March.

Rachel Harmon, Advisor

Prom this year was definitely much different than any prom New Prague has held before. There was no dance, Grand March was split into two groups, and it was much shorter than in past years: Two hours ahead of schedule to be exact. All the raffles were done by 9:45 instead of the planned 11 o’clock. It seems there are a lot of varying opinions on how prom was this year.

“Well I personally thought it was a bit mediocre, I heard a bunch of people complaining about the food, the comedians were giving it their best try to make us laugh, but their jokes weren’t really that funny. There were some things I really did enjoy, it was great seeing everyone together, the prizes were really fun to watch being given out. And to be honest it will probably go down as a great memory because it was the only prom I’ll have to go to. Plus the after party was awesome!” -Aaron Paul

“Overall it was pretty fun! I wish there would have been more music playing throughout. The comedians weren’t the greatest, but it’s the effort that counts.” -Lana Robertson

“It was stupid but a memorable type of stupid if that makes sense. The comedians sucked and the food was bad, but being with friends made it memorable because we laughed at everything.” – Bella Bustamante

“Lit as frick.” – McKenzie Dropik

“I thought it was really fun, and I’m very appreciative to the school for putting it on even through COVID. Even though we had restrictions, it was still very enjoyable!” -Noel Miller

“It was pretty good for what they had to work with. I’m happy that I made my money back with prizes.” -Jack McDonough

“I have so many Patty’s Place gift cards.”- Anna Schoenbauer

“The comedians were rough, but I’m thankful to have prom in person. Many other schools never even got a prom, or even worse, a digital prom.” -Jack Baribeau

“I would say I was very grateful for the administration putting in a great deal of work to make prom happen for us. In the beginning of senior year, this was the one event I didn’t want to miss. It obviously wasn’t a normal experience, but it was one I won’t forget.”-Keiran McCloone 

It couldn’t have been easy to plan a semi-safe prom for us, and so for that we thank the school board and the junior parents in charge of the “post-prom” activities. Even if it wasn’t the prom we had been dreaming of, it sure was a prom to remember.